The Jonathan Young Memorial Trust

helping to fund computer equipment for people with disabilities

How to apply

Enquiries and applications are welcomed from disabled people, carers and parents and from statutory and voluntary organisations on behalf of their clients. We particularly welcome applications from people living in our local area, the East Midlands, but you may still apply if you live outside this region.

We only accept applications from people who cannot afford to buy the equipment themselves. Before applying to us, you should consider carefully whether you could pay for the equipment yourself, for example by saving a small amount weekly for a few months.

If you need a standard laptop or desktop computer, you might like to consider the digital inclusion scheme getonline@home. This enables people on eligible benefits to buy a refurbished laptop computer with Windows 7 and Microsoft Office installed for £149, or a desktop computer for £99 (people who are not on benefits pay slightly more). You can find out more about the scheme by going to or by phoning 01244 289 023. Please consider whether you could buy a computer through this scheme yourself before applying to us.

How to apply

Applications should be made in writing – there is no application form. Requests are considered at Trustees’ meetings held in April and October; we need to receive your application at least 2 weeks before the meeting. The next meeting will take place on 10 October 2015, so applications must be received by 26 September at the latest.

An application must include the following information:-

• Name, address, age and a telephone number on which you can be contacted

• Occupation and general background

• Nature and extent of disability

• Why computer equipment is needed

• Equipment required – full details (including any specific software needed) and cost. Enclose a quotation if you have one (this isn’t necessary if you simply need a “standard” laptop or desktop computer).

• Financial circumstances – you must give us brief details of your income, savings and expenditure, and the income and savings of other members of your household. (A statement that you are “on benefits” is not sufficient.) Please state also whether you are able to contribute towards the cost of the equipment needed (and if so, how much).

• If you are applying for equipment for yourself or a family member, you need to enclose a supporting letter from a social worker, doctor, tutor or other professional person who knows you. The supporting letter should be on headed paper and should be properly dated and signed.

Send your application to:

The Jonathan Young Memorial Trust
3 Hardwick Road
Nottingham NG7 1EP

What happens next

All applications are acknowledged and you will be informed of the Trustees’ decision immediately after the April/October meeting. Because we are currently receiving a very large volume of applications, a decision may in some cases be made before the Trustees’ meeting is held. This applies in particular to requests for basic, standard laptops.

Before making a decision, we may contact you to discuss your application or to ask for further information if we need it.

Any grant we offer will not be released until you know where all the money you need is coming from and you are in a position to proceed with the purchase. Once an item has been purchased, you will need to send us a copy of the receipt for the item we have funded.

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