The Jonathan Young Memorial Trust

helping to fund computer equipment for people with disabilities


Q. What geographical areas does the Trust cover?
A. People living anywhere in the UK are welcome to apply. We particularly welcome applications from people in the East Midlands (Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire).

Q. Who can apply for a grant?
A. Anyone who is living with a disability of any sort. In occasional and exceptional circumstances we may make a grant to someone who is disadvantaged for reasons other than disability.

Q. Can an organisation apply for a grant?
A. We make grants primarily to individuals requiring equipment for their own personal use. We do not normally make grants to organisations needing equipment for administrative use, except in the case of self-help groups and small voluntary organisations which have limited access to funding.

Q. How much money might I receive in a grant?
A. The Trustees decide how much money they are able to award to a particular person. A typical amount might be in the range £200 – £500. If you require expensive equipment, we will not normally be able to cover the full cost of it and you will need additional contributions from other sources.

Q. How many grants does the Trust make in a year?
A. In 2014 we made 74 grants; the average value of a grant was approximately £300.

Q. Do you make grants for things other than computers?
A. We make grants only for computers and related types of electronic communication equipment. We cannot make grants for general living expenses, course or college fees, disability aids such as wheelchairs or any non-electronic items.

Q. When are applications considered?
A. The Trustees meet in April and October to consider applications. The next Trustees’ meeting is on 10 October 2015. We need to receive your application at least two weeks before the meeting.

Q. How to I make an application?
A. Write to us. For more details of the sort of information you need to include, go to our how to apply page.

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